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Three Opportunities to Hear Rabbi Arik Ascherman


Congregation Har HaShem is pleased to welcome Rabbi Arik Ascherman to Boulder for the weekend of May 22-24. Find out when and where you can hear him speak.

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Come to the Mountain, A Peak at Some Shavuos Highlights

Boulder County Center for Judaism

Join us at Boulder Center for Judaism for a special Shavuos Minyan beginning at 10:30 am on Sunday, May 24, held at 4900 Sioux Drive, Boulder.

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I Think of You: A Poem for Shabbat, for Every Day, for Every Moment


Called a zulat (after the Hebrew word meaning "but," "besides," "aside from," except," "other than"), this poem can be read on its own or preceding the line in the kriyat shema that goes "There is no God but [besides/aside from/except/other than] You"--Ayn Elohim zulatecha.

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Save the Date for Newish and Jewish June 14


If you're 60 or older and have recently moved to the Boulder area, join Boulder Jewish Family Service for a brunch to meet new people and learn about area programs and services.

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Judaism Your Way Launching New Rosh Hodesh Groups for Teen Girls


Rosh Hodesh is an ancient Jewish holiday marking the new moon, and a time when Jewish women and girls traditionally gather to celebrate.

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