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Deborah Beryl Garelick z”l


Deborah Beryl Garelick, mother of Robert Garelick, passed away on Wednesday night, 6 days after her 90th birthday.  Robert and Debbie were in London with her in the last week of her life.  Deborah was buried this morning in London.
Deborah Beryl Garelick was born on Gower Street, London on January 9th 1924 to a Russian father and a French/Moroccan mother.  She was evacuated during the war for the first year and then made striking pins for hand grenades and in the latter part of the war she worked with refugees.  She met their dad when he came to her brother’s office, where she was working, and he proposed to her after two weeks. They had 6 children, including Robert and Maureen who are both here in Colorado. For a short time during their early marriage, they owned an off license, which she ran.  After that she worked in their dad’s office.  She spoke English at school, Yiddish at home and French at the dinner table.  She was a really fun person to be around. She had a slew of sayings like “I’ll put your eye in a sling” and “he fell over a piece of hay and a hen scratched him.”
May her memory be a blessing and we wish strength and comfort to Robert, Debbie and Hannah and Sam and to Maureen and all the rest of the family in London.
If you feel moved to make a donation in Deborah’s memory, please direct them to JDRF  http://rockymountain.jdrf.org/get-involved/ways-to-donate/

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