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One Week until the Festival of Weeks

Haver-SquareNext Tuesday night, May 14th, we will be ending 7 weeks of counting with the 50th day arrival in the form of Shavuot.

Originally, this beautiful holiday was an agricultural celebration of the wheat harvest and the first fruits and is known by the rabbis as z’man matan Torateynu, the season of the giving of our Torah. The best way to reenact this event is to stay up all night and study Torah with a dawn service. Once again, Haver, Boulder’s Rabbinical Council, will be hosting an amazing, community-wide Tikkun Leyl Shavuot with rich and diverse sessions throughout the night. For the first time this year, we will have a second program as Shavuot draws to a close on Thursday evening for those who are not excited about staying up late.

We will be between Congregation Bonai Shalom and Kehillat Aish Kodesh. Click here for the full program, including a communal dinner together, as well as details of Shavuot services around town.

We hope to see you at Sinai as communities come together once again to renew our relationship with Torah!

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