Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis is the founder and president of Colorado Capital Management, and an active volunteer in the Jewish community.

3 responses to “Medical Marijuana Panel Blows No Smoke”

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  2. Mike

    A bit of the new Colorado enactment is that it additionally made Colorado the first state to sanction the generation of hemp. The no psychotropic cousin of weed that is utilized for sustenance fuel and fiber not to mention a variety of other things as far and wide as possible.

  3. MIke

    Rain Vicente, a lawyer with Vicente Lederberg LLC discussed the far fetched entry of amendment 64 which made Colorado one of the initial two states to sanction recreational pot utilization. As a coauthor of this enactment and a legitimate counselor for a long tie to numerous who work in the field he was amazing decently educated about the certainties and laws relating to the business.