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Jews Under Islam in the Modern Era

(Photo by  Patrick Campbell/University of Colorado)Dr. Dina Danon of CU-Boulder will speak at Bonai Shalom’s next First Friday dinner and discussion on March 1st, at 6:45 pm. Dr. Danon will explore the Jewish experience in the lands of Islam in modern times, from the early 19th century, when these communities, dispersed across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeastern Europe, encountered a “modernity” largely shaped by the West. Her talk will also examine how the changes of the modern era impacted traditional relations between the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities of these regions, addressing the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire, European colonialism, rising nationalism, and the founding of the State of Israel.

Dr. Danon is a Lecturer in Jewish History at CU-Boulder and holds a BA in History and French from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in History from Stanford University. Her primary research interests are the Sephardi communities of the eastern Mediterranean and the history of the Ottoman Empire. Her doctoral dissertation, The Transformation of the Jewish Community of Izmir, 1847-1918, was a recipient of the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from the Foundation for Jewish Culture in 2011. Dr. Danon’s teaching interests span the full range of Jewish history, with a particular focus on the Sephardi and Mizrahi communities of the Mediterranean world. Her publications include “Abraham Danon, la vie d’un maskil ottoman, 1857-1925,” in Itinéraires Sépharades, a translation of the 1847 Ladino “Shaavat Aniim” in The Sephardic Studies Reader, and several entries in the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World. Services begin at 5:30 PM (note the earlier time for this event), and dinner is at 6:45 PM, followed by the lecture and discussion. Reservations for this dinner must be made in advance to Dinner is $15/adult, $12/child (under 13), $50 max/family. If you would like wine with dinner, it is BYOB Kosher only. Please label it with your name unless you plan to share.

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