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Week in Review: May 25th, 2012

Shabbat shalom! School’s out – finally! Receiving the Torah – finally! Though Pinterest has cooled a bit since the last major holiday, one can still find some interesting pins.


Source: via Iris on Pinterest



This is an Italian traditional Shavuot item – click on the photo to follow the link to the recipe.

There are quite a few cheesecake recipes/variations on Pinterest, just search “shavuot.”

There are also links to books, craft projects, and more.

Though it’s not all serious:


This one is captioned: “If God Had Texted the 10 Commandments #shavuot

Source: via Phyllis on Pinterest


Wishing everyone a sweet Shavuot, a pleasant Memorial Day weekend, a personal best and fun time in the Bolder Boulder, and a great start to summer.


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