Stan Kreis

Stan Kreis has degrees in sociology, economics and accounting. Therefore he is wise, literate, financially sound and married to Kathryn Bernheimer (she would never marry anyone without such credentials). Grave marker: "the world was his oyster, unfortunately, he ate it and got stomach cramps."

10 responses to “Norman Finkelstein Makes an Astonishing Admission”

  1. Bruce Shaffer

    You'll find me nowhere near Norman Finkelstein, but my friend Stan Kreis' consistent want to put my Facebook friend Peter Beinart in the same boat is matched by my want to bail him out. Not that he needs me to. PB broke the NF story to his 3245 Facebook friends on Feb 14, with this comment: "NF (rightly) cr itiques BDS movement for 1 state. Not too late to get him for the AIPAC conf!". That may be how, indirectly, Stan knows about the interview, too. Why do I care? Because PB's deeply informed and well reasoned criticism and concern for Israel is from a place of love, care and attachment, and he is better able than Stan or I to constructively instill such among the Gens XYZ etc — as well as a fill in some information gaps for current leaders of the American Jewish community.

    1. Bruce Shaffer

      p.s. Peter Beinart passed the litmus test for being invited to the November 2011 General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America. A video of his panel presentation is here:
      I have a DVD of his solo presentation available for borrowing. Based on the title and presentation date, its probably substantially similar in content to (although I have not viewed that).

  2. gary

    Generations xyz are faced to learn the truth for themselves because us baby boomers and our Rabbis failed to provide factual information to our people.

    Instead we focused on political correctness, afraid to stand up for our historical rights to our homeland.We have had such a need to fit in to the general society we bend over backwards with Tikkun Olam. We needed to show our compassion for others such as Palestinians and forsook our own people. Most American Jews cannot make a case for Israel, and many have internalized the BDS b.s.
    Its time to stand up tall for Israel and her achievements in the face of outright propaganda designed to cutoff American support.

    Sure we can criticize but that's different than failing to defend her when she is so hypocritically singled out……cont

  3. gary

    ….cont…. What synagogue teaches our young about the modern state of Israel? Instead our Rabbis teach compassion for others assuming somehow our own children will know how to respond to the hate of the BDS movement. We send our young to college campuses illequiped to respond to the hate mongers. Shame on us. Its time to demand more from our synagogues and Rabbis who we employ.
    It's time the Rabbis learn the case for Israel and lead congregations instead of being sheep afraid of the politically correct crowd.

  4. Jeanne Papish

    Dear Editors of BJN:
    Can we have some balance here? I don't know anything about the details of what Stan Kreis talks about, but it is clear that he is a very right wing,"Israel at all costs and for all reasons" kind of guy. If you are going to publish articles by him, can and will you publish articles – that is, opinion pieces, which are most of what Stan writes about – in counterpoint to him?

    1. David

      Of course we can, and we do. Thanks. –Ed.

  5. gary

    Why is it when confronted with factual information people resort to labels? Do you support the concept of a Jewish state, called Israel?
    If so, we are inside the same tent. Right, left is all ok. Right wing is not your enemy.

  6. gary

    What counterpoint? That the BDS movement and their desire to end Israel's existence is a good thing?

  7. Noah Lepawsky

    Here's a thoughtful response to Norman Finklestein's claim arguing that BDS goals can be achieved through a two state solution:

  8. Nadia Wisleder

    Palestinians and Isrealis needs to have a seperate states and cohabitation it's the key to a peace in that region i dont see any other options to their 60 years nigtmare for both side .