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CU Jewish Studies Interns: Stevie Kreimendahl

Hi, my name is Steven “Stevie” Kreimendahl and I am currently the CU intern for the Boulder Jewish News. I am a Boston native, currently in my freshman year here at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As part of my internship I am getting credit at CU for the internship under the Program in Jewish Studies. So, each week I will do a short interview of each intern in the program, this week starting with myself.

What made you choose to attend CU, all the way from Boston?

When I originally applied to colleges, I was set on getting a degree in environmental engineering. There were only a few places to apply to because CU is one of the few schools in the country to offer it. Then, instead of coming straight to CU after high school, I took a gap year to Israel on the Nativ College Leadership Program. By the time I got to CU I no longer wanted to do engineering and I am now leaning towards journalism and Jewish Studies.

What are your goals this semester as the CU intern at BJN?

Well, of course, I want to help Boulder and CU residents know what is going on in the Jewish world here at CU. But, specifically this semester I want to expand the Boulder Jewish News Mitzvah Project Directory. The directory highlights different mitzvah projects that students or classes did. They can range from one time Bar or Bat mitzvah projects to a weekly class event. The idea is to not only share the good things going on around Boulder, but give people new ideas on how they can help out. If anyone needs any help submitting their project to the directory feel free to contact me at Steven.Kreimendahl@colorado.edu.

How do you feel about the current Jewish community here at CU?

I thought at a school of 30,000 it would be hard to meet other Jews, and boy was I wrong. I am now on Hillel’s student board and I attend there and Chabad weekly for Shabbat services or other events. I am also becoming a brother at Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity on campus.

Who will be Super Bowl XLVI champions, Patriots or Giants?

Patriots for sure! I am from Boston and have to stick with my home team.

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