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Boulder in the JTA Spotlight

JTA (the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the 90-year-old “Global News Service of the Jewish People”) sent a reporter to Boulder in December to cover Ignite Chanukah and the Matisyahu concert.

Dvora Meyers’ article about Boulder, “Share and Share Alike: Boulder’s Jewish Community at Work appeared on the JTA site on December 27th.  It starts thusly:


BOULDER, Colo. (JTA) — On a sunny Thursday in this city at the base of the Rocky Mountains foothills, 25 Jewish communal professionals have gathered for their monthly “Schmoozers” meeting at the JCC.

The fact that the powwow always takes place over lunch is unremarkable — when Jews get together, there is usually food involved. What stands out is the degree of communal cooperation: The meeting, participants say, allows representatives from all organizations to plan ahead together and pool limited resources, embodying the collaborative spirit that pervades Boulder’s Jewish community and which has allowed it to grow and innovate.”

Here are links to Boulder organizations appearing in the article, plus the article itself and the author’s page on the JTA site:

If you aren’t familiar with JTA, they are truly the Associated Press of the Jewish World.  Boulder Jewish News has links to JTA’s most recent ten articles at the bottom of each BJN page, and for history buffs, JTA has a fabulous browsable and searchable archive of 250,000 stories going all the way back to their early days, starting in 1923.  It is worth spending some time on their site if you haven’t before, and signing up for their newsletters.

Enjoy our latest brush with international fame!

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