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Ron Goodman z”l

Ron Goodman, husband of Bev Goodman and father of Tamah and Gabe, passed away in the early hours of the morning of October 18th.  Ron has had stomach cancer for three years, but seemed to be doing reasonably well and this is rather sudden and unexpected.  Ron and Bev have been very involved in Bonai Shalom over the years and many of you know that Bev has her own struggles and will need much support.  I am hoping that any of the Goodman’s friends who are seeing this, as well as other community members will be able to spend time with Bev over the next days and weeks.

Memorial Service

There will be a Memorial Service for Ron at 2:00 pm on Sunday October 23rd at Bonai Shalom.

House of Mourning

Because of the holidays, there is no official shiva, but everyone is invited and encouraged to visit Bev after 11am at her home throughout this period. She wants the support and the company.

In addition, we will gather at 6:30 pm next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Bev’s home for an informal service and to give Bev a chance to say kaddish. Ritual help – I am not available to lead these services and would appreciate volunteers to lead a simple service and kaddish.


We need plenty of help with food for Bev and for there to be food in the house. This is being coordinated by Meryl Bornstein and Debbie Maduff.  Please contact Meryl on merylgb@gmail.com, 303-652 2987 or Debbie on debmaduff@HOTMAIL.COM, 303-652 3820.

Alav hashalom – peace on Ron’s soul and much strength and comfort to Bev, Tamah, Gabe and the families.

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