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The Institute for the Study of Israel in the Middle East (ISIME) announces their 3rd annual Student Interfaith Peace Project class and trip to the Middle East for high school students.

ISIME Middle East Class and Trip

Info Session at DU January 27; Application Deadline February 5.

The Institute for the Study of Israel in the Middle East (ISIME)  is excited to announce their third annual Student Interfaith Peace Project class and trip to the Middle East for high school students.

The Student Interfaith Peace Project (SIPP) was launched in 2007 at the Korbel Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. In recognition of the growing gaps between Muslim nations and the West and the resulting discord reflected in many American communities, the program was designed to bring together religiously, culturally, and nationally diverse youth in dialogue and exploration of their differences and commonalities. SIPP strives to train and educate local youth for their personal benefit as well as to strengthen the overall health of the communities in which they live. Beyond the local impact, SIPP recognizes the value such a group can bring to the global community, and therefore reaches out to youth in the Middle East, creating a social network of future leaders who will help build peace.

SIPP students began engaging with Israeli and Palestinian youth during the first year of the program. To facilitate this process, SIPP now partners with high schools, colleges, and youth groups throughout Israel and Palestine. Using technology such as teleconferencing and video chat programs, students get to know one another on a personal level. To prepare for these interactions, SIPP’s program content focuses on listening and dialogue skills, intercultural communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and historical and recent political events in the region. At the end of the academic year, SIPP students travel to Israel and the West Bank for a two-week, interactive program with their Middle Eastern peers.

Applications are due February 5th, 2010.  Students will be notified  regarding their acceptance by February 9th, 2010 and classes start on February 16th, 2010.

For complete information about the program, please visit www.sipproject.org and attend an introductory meeting on the DU campus this Wednesday, January 27, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm. Parents, families, and students are welcome and light refreshments will be served. At University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Ben Cherrington Hall, SIE Center, Room 150, 2201 S. Gaylord Street, Denver.

Please RSVP to let ISIME know you will be coming to the informational meeting by calling 303-871-7477 or by email to isime@du.edu.

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